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    I don't really want the user to be able to recruit Pokemon randomly, I prefer to have control over what happens. i also don't have the skills to do that, if that's even possible.

    @Alina_Mau: Thank you so much for your feedback! I appreciate you correcting my grammar. English is not my first language so mistakes can happen. Shame on me for all the typos though o.o

    Viewable HP bar is doable. Will look into that.

    Overworld battles are more appealing? What do you mean exactly? It is possible to have battles on the map, I just didn't do it to give the player a rest. They would be the exact same battles though.

    More healing stations. Will do. But I don't want to make the game too easy though.

    Character development. Good point! I need to work more on that don't I... It is supposed to be Articuno: kind and brave, Zapdos: quick tempered and proud, Moltres: lazy and laid back. Just because he's a fire type doesn't mean he has to have a "fiery" attitude I figured. I guess they need more back story? More depth and all that.

    Lol Wooper is supposed to be weak and a pain in battle. He died quite a few times in my game.

    You can do pixel versions of my pics? I'd like to see that. It sounds hard.

    Thanks again for your help!
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