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Name- Jaz/ Jazzy eithers good
Starter- Charly the Charizard
Reason for joining- I'v loved all fire Pokemon ever since I got Charly in FireRed he's been my main pokemon since I was 10 (i'm 17 now)

There definatly needs to be more Fire/Dragon types there just a perfect match the power of dragons with the versitility of fire but without the crippling weakness to water. Id have a whole team of them if I could :D

Almost forgot :D

- Which is the strongest Fire type Pokemon?
Charizard or Typhlosion
- Which Fire type starter is the best?
Charizard :D
- Which Fire type legendary is the best?
Reshiram, Dragon/ Fire its a one of a kind tough cookie
- Which is your favourite Fire type move?
Blast Burn it may take a turn to recharge but with its brute force your opponant's dead on its feet