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    It seems the Leafeon may not like me much, Sen started. Syrena's expression admittedly wasn't exactly a friendly one. What kind of problem could she have when they just saved Scarlet from a pack of guards?

    "Fine," Scarlet said with a sigh. "I don't have one, I only thought of how to get in." Guess that should've been expected, too. Alessa seemed to be one of few at her age that thought all the way ahead.

    Okay, she's used to it enough. The Kirlia disappeared from sight, and a few moments later Alessa was back to how she "normally" looked, with the tinted hair and eyes. She felt a little more revitalized, too; the benefits of being fused with a Pokémon were only increasing in her mind now. "But, we could think of one now," her new partner continued.

    Aly sat down with Scarlet, already thinking. "You know where they're all being held, right? As long as we know where you are, Sen and I could probably Teleport you and the other kids out with us with little trouble." Sen added in a suggestion to take them a few at a time, considering bringing all at once would probably take too long, and Alessa silently agreed. "So will that work, Scarlet?"

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