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    Name: Aiden Selest

    Age: 13

    Sex: Male

    Appearance: Aiden is five feet and three inches tall, weighing 103 lbs. His long, jet-black hair turns a snow white whenever he's fused, and his skin goes from a nice natural white into a bluish tint. His hazel eyes end up going to a clear icy blue, and his breath becomes extremely cold, hitting -58° Fahrenheit. His voice acquires a subtle ghostly tone to it as well. As for clothes, he dresses for efficiency. A pair of black cargo pants with a red belt and a matching black T-shirt is enough for him. Whenever he's fused, though, the cargos lose their pockets and converge into the bottom of a kimono, the T-shirt merges with the pants and the belt ties them together, and its sleeves extend down his arms to more resemble Froslass' appearance. Since he normally floats around when fused, his black and white sneakers thankfully aren't changed any. Because of this, Aiden actually prefers to not be fused with Yukiko, but he's gotten used to it.

    Personality: There is absolutely nothing that Aiden hates more than adults, always willing to attack them if they so much as look at him wrong. (He would permafreeze all of Jubilife if he had the chance and energy to do so.) His treatment of kids is different, being more tolerant and kind towards them. He's rather serious most of the time, too, but he has a sense of humor somewhere in there, evident through consistent sarcastic remarks. Aiden TRIES to stay calm and think things through, and definitely can, but there are plenty of irritants that can set him off. Aiden's also taken to using a few of his Froslass partner's terms, using them to typically calm himself down.

    History: Born and raised in Eterna City, Aiden Selest used to be a playful little boy, learning from anything and everything around him. Adults (including his own parents) didn't like him, calling him just another mouth to feed like many other kids, and he started hating them more and more. Practically the moment he turned ten, he was forced into any physical labor he could do. This made him physically stronger, but also brought him to outright despising adults, scoffing and trying to ignore them whenever they passed by.

    When the giant crystal emerged in Mount Coronet, Aiden's curiosity and the allure of it all got the better of him, taking the first chance to leave and check it out. The result was being fused with a Froslass named Yukiko, and even his clothes reacted to the fusion, turning into a color-blended kimono. Returning to Eterna City with his new partner at his side (who strangely enjoyed violence and saying terms from a language Aiden couldn't understand until she translated them), he was immediately captured and thrown into a prison with other kids who acquired a Pokémon spirit before him. At first it was easy for them to break out, but they were recaptured soon enough and thrown into stronger cages than before. Some were still able to break out with little trouble, and while Aiden probably could, he (among a few others) didn't feel like leaving home and instead stayed behind. After breaking out one more time (and covering the innards of the former prison in permafrost), Aiden began thinking of ways to simply get rid of the current adult generation.


    Species: Froslass

    Nickname: Yukiko

    Personality: Yukiko is a no-remorse kind of Pokémon, making sure she never regrets her or Aiden's decisions. She's aware of the ability to absorb someone's energy to grow in power, and tries to get Aiden to take advantage of this. She does have a sense of decency, though, and won't kill someone for no good reason.

    Moves: Ice Beam; Blizzard; Shadow Ball; Ominous Wind; Ice Shard; Double Team

    Pokéspirit #2

    Species: Hydreigon

    Nickname: Hayden

    Personality: "Typical" is the only thing to call him, as he's much like a regular Hydreigon: he loves killing pretty much anything that moves. He's also made Aiden generally easier to aggravate (which isn't easy). That said, he's not dumb for always wanting to run into battle guns blazing, he just doesn't like being rational. (He says it's no fun.)

    Moves: Dragon Pulse; Hyper Voice; Double Team; Earthquake; Focus Blast; Attract

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