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Kilik Chambers

This kid was strange. What he said didn't make much sense to Kilik. How could he put sounded like something a quiet madman would say. What did he desire the most though? "Company. Candle is not enough. I need more. Friends. D-Death of humans..." It took Kilik a while to realize Kkat was there too. Her answer suddenly changed a bit, & her voice too. "You nasty humans did this to us. You never even tried to fix it! Never!!" ...Was that Candle? "Company." ...

It's true. The humans did nothing to fix 'it'. Kilik wasn't around when they disappeared, but he wished he did something about it. Still, he somehow felt like some of it was his fault. He couldn't blame Candle. How dooes Reiki feel...?

He was in much thought he almost forgot about the kid. "My most bring down the boy that killed my parents. Nicholas." He didn't want to think about it right now. It was too much for him. Again Kilik looked at the strange boy, wondering who he really is.

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