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Originally Posted by Rainy Garden of Fire View Post
Okay...but still, where would you put the information (Encounter slot and IVs, like what I said above)?
And also...if you got a seed from PokeRNG, if you were to use that seed, you would just put the seed on the main screen (the one with the method options), choose how the Pokemon's generated (method 1 or any other method), click Generate, hit the delay and time that you have to hit, advance the frames and then find the Pokemon you like to catch...right?
Secondly, I kinda already asked this, but I'll just say this again. How do you RNG Wonder Card Pokemon? I guess it's like most other RNG abuses...just get the seed you'd like to hit, get the Wonder Card, go to the Poke Mart to get the Pokemon you'd like later on, save, turn off, change the time to your target time - 1 full minute - the seconds, hit the right target time & delay, advance the frames, collect the Pokemon, check whether you got the result you wanted and if you got what you wanted, you're done. I'm sure I'm wrong (a bit). And I have an idea for two about...
1. RNG a Pokemon owned by Ash and his friends (the list:
2. RNG a Pokemon that was temporarily owned by someone (anyone's fine)
You really should read the guide Johnny posted a few times, it'll help you with a lot of the questions you're having. I've found it very useful myself. And I don't know how to RNG wondercards for 4th generation games.

Also, I like your ideas for challenges! Thanks a lot for submitting them.