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Originally Posted by Rainy Garden of Fire View Post
Okay, I think I'll take that in mind...
And I saw a page that made me understand about the whole Sweet Scent thing...and also gets me confused again.
It's this page:
I looked it up and what got me confused was on finding your frame based on what Pokemon you encountered and also on finding your Actual Frame. How do you find your Actual Frame and how would you find your frame based on what Pokemon you encountered (would this link to finding your Actual Frame?) This is confusing for me...and I guess you'll just ask me to look up the page again.
This is for all Wild Pokemon Encounters, not just ones brought about by sweet scent. First you must know the frame of the spread you encountered. You must also know the "Actual Frame" of the spread you encountered. The Actual Frame of a spread is the frame of the spread in Method 1. To find your current frame after the encounter, you must take the Actual Frame of the spread and add 6. That is your current frame.

*sign* It is in there but do not worry about it. This guide is an old one and we are not going to advance this way since it requires you to encounter a pokemon. Just do what you do, hit delays, advance the frame. That's all you need to know.

Originally Posted by earth boy View Post
Finished the challenge! (Finally...)

Yamask | Level: 19
OT: eb | ID: 46682 | Game: White
Nature: Bold | Ability: Mummy | IVs: 31 31 31 31 31 31
EVs: Untrained | HP: Dark - 70
Disable | Haze | Night Shade | Hex


Did my best to find a Unova Pokémon--seeing as I've only been RNGing in Gen5--and this was the one I had available. (Also ironically a contender for my party, as I restarted my game for Tepig.)
Yay, gimme gimme gimme :D. Congrats anyway