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    Jack Davis

    "The one who submitted us the job prefers you capture the pokemon with these. The pokeballs aren't registered so they won't have your trainer ids applied when captured. The balls won't transport either, so bring them to the next vendors caravan to complete the job." Jack eagerly took the balls. They didn't look different from any other pokeball so why give them these specific ones.

    "Also, before you capture the pokemon, be sure your not in an area where the pokemon treat it as territory. You capture one or even fight while they are in there, they'll be all over you so proceed with caution." Okay, he got it now. The last sentence made Jack stop and think. Well, it would make sense. If the pokemon they caught were with their parents or were in a group of some sort then of course they would have a fight on their hands. All they would have to do was make sure that they didn't get in that situation which would be easy as long as they kept their wits about them.

    Jack headed behind Shadoan with Foxtrot still clinging to his shoulder as the two headed into the forest once more. "We should setup camp, its getting late." Jack glanced up and saw that the sun was setting. Well, with the time they spent gathering supplies, getting ambushed, and wandering through the woods the time had just flown by. "Yeah, we've had a long day. Best to get our rest."

    Jack looked around and noticed a big tree that seemed to stand out. "We can always sleep under that. If it does rain or become too windy it'll at least provide a little protection for us. Also I have some repels on me. It would do good to spray the area and give ourselves some protection from any roaming pokemon."
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