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(Ooc: It was fun RPing with you Kat. Maybe later they can meet up again. Maybe in Mt. Coronet?)

Kilik Chambers

They continued along to Eterna City, Kilik minding his own business. He didn't wanna speak with Kat, thank Arceus she didn't bring up another subject. As they finally reached Eterna City, Kilik looked what's inside his basket. Enough to trade for something decent at least. "I am gonna explore. See you some other time. Thanks for the escort." Kat thanked him as she left into the city. Kilik started to take a liking to her. But hopefully they don't meet again!

He waved goodbye to her, only to see the girl steal more berries. It's her business, not Kilik's. Still...

"Are you gonna miss her?" Reiki asked concernly.

Kilik was silent for a moment. "I hope not." He doesn't know her that well anyway. With the basket, he went to one of the trade markets & offered some food, berries etc. He got good stuff in return. Next trade market.

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