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Scarlet Johnson

Scarlet and Syrena were on their way towards the forest for a nap. They were about to take there first step back into the forest, but Scarlet's belly rumbled before they could make it. They stopped walking and she looked at her belly and patted it with her hand, then gave a nervous laugh to Syrena. "Maybe we should go have something to eat first." Scarlet suggested. Syrena rolled her eye's, but no sooner the Leafeon's belly rumbled too. Scarlet tilted her head to Syrena with a smile, Syrena sighed annoyingly. "Fine." What was up with her? "Probably hungry that's all." She thought to herself. The two then headed to the Market, it was really near to where they were since Scarlet could already see it. After a couple of minuets Scarlet made it to the Market's.

There was buying Market's, and Trading Market's. "Be right back Syrena!" Scarlet called to her Poke' Spirit. Syrena stayed where she was but wen't over behind one of the Market stands to hide just encase. In the mean time, Scarlet skipped along the Market place looking at all the stands. "This place is awesome! If only I had some money.... guess I gotta trade then." She said out loud, but no-body cared. Scarlet skipped over to one of the trading Market's. There was a boy trading stuff like Berries. "What do I have?" She thought. Scarlet reached into her pocket and grabbed out three green beans. That would be good for trading. "Hey, Excuse me sir. Can I have five apple's for these three Magic beans." She began. The man at the trading Market stared at her for a moment, what was that all about? then he rolled his eye's. "Magic?" He asked un-convinced.

"Uh-- yea, if you eat these beans but don't chew them then you get good luck for the rest of you'r life!" Scarlet lied, but atleast she sounded more convincing. The man started to think. "Alright, but not five apples, one." He finally said. "No, four!" Scarlet argued. The man looked angry. "How 'bout two then?" He asked. Scarlet shook her head. "Gimm'e five, I give you three beans and you give me five apples. Final offer, don't forget that there magic. So is it a deal or no deal?" This was getting fun. But hopefully the man would say yes to her deal, she and Syrena were starving! "..." The man stayed quiet. "Alright, here ya go miss, five apples." Scarlet smiled and took the apples, then handed over the beans to the Market man. Scarlet turned around and attempted to run back to Syrena, but she tripped over a rock and fell, making the apples fall all around.

"Damn it." Scarlet got up, then began to pick up the apples.

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