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    Alice followed as the Head Commander called in all the Knights, and sat near Linfoi. She started to think of ways "The Demon" would follow in, maybe swinging, hanging onto a long banner that could be a rope before slamming face-first into a pillar. Sounds like him. Behind them all, a Gallade slammed the doors shut and covered it in a psychic barrier; they couldn't afford anyone eavesdropping, it seemed. Maybe this was actually going to be worth attending.

    Maverick spoke of a new enclave named "Kanto," and started talking about it being, get this, in a HOLE. Mechanists may have been techies, but did anyone actually think they seriously managed to dig out an entire city? But for some reason, that only got Alice more interested in it. What could they find underground? "Any questions?" he finished. There were plenty of things the Absol wanted to ask, but the questions were really more out of intrigue in the enclave itself, not the mission.

    His second-in-command was the first to talk, as expected, asking about efficiency. “Are we to create groups when we reach the approximate area of this… hole, and look for the entrance? It would widen the area we can search and lessen the time we would have to spend, whether this entrance is there or not.”

    And Ludo opened his mouth before Maverick could even answer Caedmon's question. "I am going to ask if all of us, even the three Knight-Commanders are required to join you? I mean, we all could and are willing..." and Alice could feel some of their subordinates just staring at the Mienshao, but she was concentrating on thinking about the enclave.

    The Grovyle in charge pulled out an explanation, mostly about having little knowledge of the enclave, then finishing up with the fact of being better off over-prepared. "Any other questions?" Alice managed to think of a few actually related to the task at hand.

    "Should we expect to see patrols similar to our own? or even exactly like our own, perhaps to throw us off? The fact they've managed to remain hidden this long, even if by a hole in the ground, can't be chalked up to just a game of Hide-and-Seek."

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