Thread: Development: Gen V TM routine in Gen III games
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As anyone who's played Black/White knows, TMs now act like HMs in that they are now infinite use. I was wondering if such is possible in the Gen III games. Because the items use a routine that defines how many to remove after consumption, the amount must be defined somewhere in the ROM for the TMs. Anyone have any ideas about this?

EDIT: In Fire Red, after disassembling the routine at 809a1f8, it seems that the value of 1 is subtracted from the item amount in r0. Changing this to 0 will cause the TM to not be consumed, but it will do the same for all items as well. Perhaps if the routine were copied and modified as I described, or if a similar routine that is used by the HMs were called in the TM routine, we could generate TMs that act like they do in Gen 5? The only issue I'm having is trying to find the TM/HM routine used by the game.
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