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    Originally Posted by Dabulewicz:7111687
    Well id say the modes would be very fun to do if we had the stones in 3rd gen that we have in 4th gen. Pay homage to deoxys. Change forms but will be the same pokemon. Dragon and fighter modes could be viewed similarly if we could figure out a script. To allow form change by key item or field object you know?

    Good work tho. Keep it up[/SIZE]
    I agree that would be the ideal system, but unfortunately the implementation of that system can only be done via complex ASM routines. Jambo51 has been working on an amazing patch that includes forms, but he hasn't updated the thread in a while. It's in the research and development section if you want to have a look. His patch would really help in multiple areas, but for now I'm making due with what we have.[/SIZE]
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