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  • Maybe you can repoint the cries to fix that. But you may need to know the location of the table for the cries in this hack to get it done.
    So maybe the stuff out of 32mb limit could just be the cries of some Pokemon, if that's the case, then it explains why not too many things were affected even if most emulators can't read data beyond the 32mb limit.
    It's possible to make something like that, but I may need to know what might be affected by deleting the oversized data, which requires so much test, so that's the only problem, I think.
    Have you bothered googling up "Pokemon Adventured Silver Chapter"?
    There's not a single ROM Hack with that name.

    I don't have a direct contact with him. The questions I can ask have to be explicitly related to Red Chapter since the Discord server is mostly about it.
    Aethestode never made a Silver Chapter. You're misremembering.
    He made a Blue Chapter and a Green Chapter (both abandoned in favor of Red Chapter), and he also created Yellow Chapter whose development lead was taken by c067912881.
    A Gold Chapter was being developed by someone else, but it was abandoned long ago. I never got to play it.
    Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary!
    Yes. I use them. Also it was working for Wally. And I use my special remake of GOGOAT riding for needs of Pokemon Ruby. You got both Bike and Gogoat Flute <Which summon to you Gogoat for ride>
    Little bonus for ya.
    I've today add two new Features. First is unlocking of National Dex when we enter to Johto <Talk with Profesor Elm's aid in the gate of Battle Tower>

    Secound is adding three legendary Pokemon. Pixies of Lakes from DPPT. <With oryginal battle music> Azelf, Uxie and Mespirit was somewhere in Johto as stone statues. Bring them to life and got them <All was on lvl 55> Also I little retype all pixies adding them Fairy type as secound type. Now they was immune to all Dragon Moves. Did you want test my hack? As I know with Failures i have for now only one glitch. Some pokemon nature names showing as glitchy text. But i try fix that.
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