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In the process of EXP. Share level grinding in the E4, my current team is:

Tsunami - Lv. 75 Kyogre (Genderless) (Imported from Emerald)
Entelexia - Lv. 40 Mawile (Female) (Imported from Emerald)
Spirit - Lv. 45 Lucario (Male)
Blitza - Lv. 78 Blaziken (Female) (Imported from Emerald)
Hurricane - Lv. 75 Rayquaza (Genderless) (Imported from Emerald)
Branch - Lv. 100 Torterra (Male) (Starter)

Of course my team isn't always this hax. I'm just using them temporarily in the E4 to level up Entelexia and Spirit. I typically have a different team which I will update in a later time.
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