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    Jev stood there waiting, looking at the dragon and back at him, then to Jack. 15 minutes pass as Jev sighs and walks over to sit beside Jack. "You need to make insults that make sense to them, they don't even know what an optical lobe is... Heck, I don't know what it is either." Jev gave a bit more forceful gaze at Foxtrot. "Try insulting their mother, or at least their mates. Something that can understood in layman's terms." Jev had his arms crossed, waiting for Foxtrot to try something new.

    Shadoan smiles a bit as Echo finally greeted him. "Alright, lets spar." Shadoan takes a stick and draws a dirt pokeball in the ground, leading Echo to a line and outfitting her hands with gloves to fit over her claws, he then stood at the other line. "I'm guessing you really haven't done this at all with a human or your trainer. I'll explain the rules... No powers, no techniques, just use your strength and your body to knock me out of the circle. Piece of cake." He gave a warm smile as he took stance. "I've done this with all of my pokemon to train their bodies. You can't be successful in battle with power alone. So come on, give me all you got."

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