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Originally Posted by Sllew View Post
Don't worry, you can find zapdos later
And I'm not sure what you mean about the orthography errors.
I mean mostly capital letters in some Pokémon, when you talk to people, "rattata", or "tentacool", but it is not important.

Heracross is amazing, I was training a Mankey, but after finding Heracross, I changed them. Ampharos' Thunderbolt is deadly, and Venusaur is grat with Leech Seed and Sleep Powder.

When you enter the Victory Road for the first time, where the lv 17-18 Fire-types are, and go to the next route, I found a Karate expert with 5 Lv 60 Pokémon (The Hitmons, Machamp and Heracross) Luckily, he was silly, and I managed to use Leech Seed and Sleep Powder to beat them, with my Lv 34 Venusaur! Are you supposed to be able to battle such a strong trainer so early in the game?
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