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  1. Z

    Emerald hack: Pokémon Emerald Z (Fakemon Hack | Complete | v1.2.0 available! Material drop system implemented!)

    Hi. I'm Celeste. My first ROM hack, Pokémon Fire Red Advanced, was finished over six years ago, and it's a charming little thing, but it's from a long-gone era, when the Fairy-type was novel and everyone was using MrDollSteak's base and I thought I was a boy. Times have changed. We've all...
  2. PurpleSpectre

    FireRed hack: Pokémon Kanto Complete

    Pokémon: Kanto Complete Base ROM: FireRed BPR 1.0 Language: English Creator: PurpleSpectre Intro This is the result of a side-project with the goal of remaking and expanding FireRed to make it possible to complete the Pokédex, progress to level 90+, and have access to most game mechanics and...
  3. pikX

    Platinum hack: Pokémon Platinum Boost- A Vanilla++ Platinum ROM Hack

    Pokémon Platinum Boost is a ROM hack designed to be what I would call vanilla++. Not just vanilla+, as I have done too many modifications for it to be what I would call that. It sticks to the default Pokédex of 210, as it is not a 493 hack. Plenty of mons have been buffed, and there are some...
  4. nlnw170503

    [Moon] Pokémon Moon: The Ultimate Edition

    By N.L.N.W. Pokémon Moon: The Ultimate Edition is a modified version of Pokémon Moon that features a much harder difficulty, an updated level curve going to level 77, a huge variety of wild encounters, and a slightly modified story that stays true to the original material. It's my first and...
  5. D

    Black hack: Pokemon Black Classic Mode

    Hello this is my first time trying to hack a DS Era Game so I decided to keep this one simple. This hack does one simple thing and that is to introduce old Pokemon into the main story of Pokemon Black. I called this hack Classic Mode because I wanted to make Pokemon Black feel like the Pokemon...
  6. BrandonXL

    Emerald hack: Pokémon Emerald Horizons - Emerald Difficulty Hack [Complete, v1.06e ft. New Rocket Storyline, Boss Gauntlet, Gen 1-8, Side Quests, and QoL features]

    Pokémon Emerald Horizons v1.06e Introduction If you want to skip me pouring my heart out, you can go to the Features section followed by the Documentation and Patch section. Pokémon has always been at the forefront of my hobbies. When I was younger, I loved crafting teams for different Gym...
  7. AhegaoQueen64

    Black 2 hack: Pokémon Equilibrium Version 1.0 Initial Release

    As a lifelong Pokemon fan, I've always been frustrated that some Pokemon were completely unusable despite the effort and creativity of their designs. For example, has anyone ever even thought about using Ledian in any serious capacity? The goal of this ROM is to rebalance the game up to Gen 5 to...
  8. Aaron's Aron

    Pokémon Spinoff: Pokémon Conquest: Ultimate - A Gen 9 Complete Overhaul of Pokémon Conquest! (v3.0.5 - February 13th, 2024)

    https://imgur.com/aeiZyF2.gif Everyone is Here! Welcome to Pokémon Conquest: Ultimate! This mod of Pokémon Conquest took over a year to complete and completely overhauls the game from scratch, making it the largest Pokémon Conquest mod to date! https://imgur.com/rKz0MBj.png It features 150...
  9. z3bra

    Crystal hack: Pokémon: Wasteland

    [CSS-DIV="max-width:720px;margin:auto"] Pokémon: Wasteland cover art by Zenkai2727 Official website: Pokémon: Wasteland Latest version: Wasteland 1.5 Overview Embark for a short, yet challenging Pokémon adventure! Discover Dakos, a small region set in a hostile wasteland, with a unique...
  10. The Pod

    Black 2 hack: Project Bug [v1.1.0]

    Grubbins fellow Bug Maniacs, have you ever thought that BDSP and SV weren't buggy enough for you? Then I have just what your compound eyes are looking for, you better not wimp out before my buggy buzzes give you a signal beam of what this whole bug hack is about. Whatever the opposite of...
  11. S

    Emerald hack: Google Translated Pokémon Emerald (Release)

    I took all the text in Pokémon Emerald but translated it from English through Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Finnish, Arabic, Corsican, Chinese (Simplified) back into English, as a result the text is messed up but it still carries some of the meaning behind it, I think it's funny. You can get it...
  12. D

    Hack Series: PocketRGB-EN - A Full Red, Green, and Blue Translation of the Original Pocket Monsters

    Pocket Monsters - Red, Green, and Blue Version Translation > Localization pocketrgb-en is a Gen 1 disassembly, based on the Japanese releases titled 'Pocket Monsters' shortened to Pokémon. The goal was to create the best 1 to 1 translation of the Japanese games that I could manage since none...
  13. Psystrikers

    Hack Series: Pokémon Crowned Sword & Armored Shield (SWSH Hack)

    It's a whole new Galar we live in. Pokémon Crowned Sword & Armored Shield is a mod of Pokémon Sword & Shield featuring numerous quality of life improvements, exciting new wild encounters, fresh new teams and access to the Isle of Armor and the Crown Tundra during the main story. This mod...
  14. Huplabombasnow

    Emerald hack: Pokémon - Better than Better Emerald 2 [Complete]

    Credits (this one is long) Update: A Guide to the Pokédex is featured in the Fan Game Hub and is available for download.
  15. Crown Prince

    HeartGold hack: Touhoumon Heartgold V1.1

    Hiya Pokecommunity! Name's Prince/Bratty (not Tye since he's not on here) and I'd like to present a romhack that's been long in the making. Inspired by older Touhoumon hacks of the previous generations, we're glad to present: What Is Touhoumon? Ever heard of Touhou Project, the bullet hell...
  16. Axyn

    Pokémon X hack: Ancestral X [Official Release]

    Hack of: Pokémon X Beta Release: May 14th, 2022 Official Release: March 24th, 2023 Latest Update: February 25th, 2024 Current Version: v2.1.0 Ancestral X Discord Overview Ancestral X is a difficulty hack of Pokémon X, built primarily for Nuzlocking, and otherwise inspired by popular hacks...
  17. U.Flame

    FireRed hack: Magical Altering Gym Menagerie [Now compatible with Unbound Cloud!]

    What is this? This was my entry for Anthroyd's fourth Make A Great Map contest. Just as Naillevaihcam won 1st place in the second contest, this one also won 1st place for the fourth contest as well! For context, Make A Great Map is a sort of Game Jam-like contest where participants have 30 days...
  18. Xero3C

    Hack Series: PokéLand 0 - Episode 4 OUT NOW !!!

    Hello everyone, today I want to showcase my passion project called "PokéLand 0", on which I completed already 4 Episodes 😃 About PokéLand 0 isn't a normal Pokémon game. On planet Xenos, where only Pokémon reside, 4 orphan teenagers set out to explore their homeworld. Yet, the planet has to...
  19. MonopolyRubix

    FireRed hack: Dreams (Completed) - Version 1.5.1 now available

    Dreams Current version: 1.5.1 Discord Link Dreams is a hack set in a new region with a new story. The protagonist, a traveling trainer, arrives in the region of Solda. In the small community of Thicket Town, they meet a boy who seeks to live up to his brother, the local gym leader. This is...
  20. U.Flame

    FireRed hack: Naillevaihcam

    IMPORTANT Version 1.3 crashes when you attempt to heal at the Pokemon Center. Be sure to use the updated version! What is this? It's Machiavellian backwards. It's also the 1st place winner of Anthroyd's 2nd Make A Great Map contest! MAGM is a contest where the contestants have 30 days to make...