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    Jack Davis

    Foxtrot frowned at Jev, "Why would I insult their mothers or their mates? Would it not be more effective to claim that their intelligence is not up to par with those that have a more vastly active nerve system in their frontal lobes?"

    Foxtrot rubbed his chin, "Although, it is highly possible that these dragons have so few brain cells and less activity within their craniums that they cannot comprehend the meanings behind my dialogue. I will need one of their own then to speak to them at their reduced activity level." Foxtrot turned to Jev, "Jev, would you kindly assist in transmitting my message to these reptilian beings and so allow myself the pleasure of gauging their strength?"

    Echo meanwhile was staring at Shadoan with frightened eyes. She looked down at the gloves that covered her claws and back up at her opponent. She slowly formed a fist, squeezed her eyes shut, and thrust her fist forward which hit Shadoan's knee with a soft tap.
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