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    Just curious, How would I get cards PSA rated? And what does it cost to do it?

    I'm not gonna lie, most of the Charizard's aren't in mint condition. Theres several scratches but no significant damage to the card. Based off of that what do you think is a fair asking price? Because I've been getting offers all week for the Charizard collection I have but i'm not sure if i'm getting ripped off or not.
    Also, I have several of the promotional cards but probably not the whole set.
    The Mew is in Japanese and shiny all over and i also have a paper case for the card that has a bunch of japanese promotional stuff on it.

    The japanese handwritten feature a person called "imakuni" I believe. It's a trainer card, a pass card, two extra rule cards and a couple cards that don't even look pokemon related. I bought them as a set for $25 at a card show about 10 years ago.

    I found these Japanese handwritten cards on Ebay. And I would post it for you to see but the post limit doesn't allow me too. lol I lost the chord for my camera and I'm in the process of looking for it so I can just upload the pictures.