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Originally Posted by sparkbank View Post
I'm not sure I understand the tiers. It'd be nice to get a description of each.
Sure. :3

OU = OverUsed, the main tier people basically play in. It features stuff like Terrakion/Rotom-W/Scizor/Landorus, and so on, and basically the default tier for CBC (aka what most people play).

Ubers = Those too overpowered to play in OU, which is where the overpowered ones are kind of... evened out. It features stuff like Kyogre, and not necessarily all legends, some non-legends too, like Excadrill for example.

UU = UnderUsed, the ones that aren't used enough to be in OU but are used a lot more than the other lower tiers. A lot of these Pokemon often appear in OU.

RU = RarelyUsed, basically not used often enough to be in UU or OU but are used more than Pokemon in NU.

NU = NeverUsed, the lowest of the tiers (other than LC), which is for the ones that don't fit into any other tiers due to usage, which as a result makes the group much larger than the others.

LC = Pokemon that aren't evolved @ level 5.

BL/BL2 = Pokemon that don't fit into the tiers "above" since they don't have the usage for that tier, but they don't fit in the tier they were in already, so as a result they're stuck in BL.

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