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    Hey guys. Sup? I've gotten through 21 three page stories with this so I'm putting them up now since I'm way ahead. Here's chapter 1!

    Story 1-The New Beginning
    Chapter 1
    “We see our 12 year old hero Aaron getting ready to head to Unova. There are all new Pokemon that our hero does not know about. Here a new beginning arises.”

    “Mom I’m leaving now!!” Aaron screamed from downstairs. “Coming Aaron!” screamed mom. “ Give me a hug Aaron.” Mom gave Aaron a big squeeze. “M- Mo- MOM!! I need to go.” Mom let go of Aaron and he ran out the door. The airport was just a few blocks away. Aaron was walking there. He was so excited to be heading to Unova. A few moments later he was at the airport. “Flight number 9, Flight number 9.” Aaron mumbled to himself. UUMMFF. Aaron fell backwards. He gathered his stuff and looked up. “ Sorry Sorry Sorry!! That was my fault.” Oh it’s alright Aaron.” Aaron was puzzled and he looked at the person’s face again. He gasped. It was Professor Juniper. Aaron jumped to his feet. “ Professor Juniper!! What are you doing here?” Asked Aaron. “I came to get you of course. Your mom called me to come and bring you to Unova. The least I could do for her. She was one of my best assistants.” Professor Juniper winked at Aaron. “ So lets get on the plane. Shall we.” Professor Juniper gestured toward the walkway. Aaron walked onto the plane with Professor Juniper. They sat in their seats. Right when Aaron sat down he dozed off.

    “Go Tepig I choose You!” Aaron mumbled in his sleep. “ No Tepig I wanted you to use ember not tackle. Tepig come back. Go Oshawott!” he kept mumbling. Professor Juniper smiled. She also chuckled slightly. “ Oshawott dodge. Wait no look out. No Oshawott, Oshawott come back. Go Snivy!” Aaron kept mumbling. “Snivy use tackle.” Professor Juniper was about to wake Aaron up but she wanted to hear the ending to the dream. “Yes Snivy direct hit! Now use Leaf Tornado! Go Snivy.” The dream was about to end and so was the plane ride. “Yes Snivy you won. Snivy I definitely choose you as my partner.”

    “Aaron. Aaron. Wake up.” Professor juniper shook Aaron awake. “ But mom I don’t want to go to trainer school today.” Aaron mumbled. Aaron jumped awake.
    “ We’re in Unova. YAY!!” Aaron ran out of the plane and into the airport. He kept running until he reached the exit. “ Here! We! Go!” Aaron screamed. He pushed open the doors and he gazed upon the beauty of Unova. A pack of wild Deerling ran by a few meters away. “ WWHHOO!! They are so cool!” exclaimed Aaron. “ Hey. Get back here Lillipup.” There was a little kid screaming and running after a pokemon of some sort. “Hey Lilli! Stop! Get back here.” The little kid tripped over a rock. “ OOWW! My knee, I scraped it.” Aaron ran over to the kid.

    “Hey! Are you alright!” Aaron asked. “ Ya I’m fine. But my Lillipup is getting away.” Said the little boy. “ Don’t worry. I’ll get Lillipup back for you- I don’t know your name.” said Aaron. “ Jerry, Lil Jerry.” Said the little kid. “ Okay. Now Lil Jerry I will get your Lillipup back for you.” Said Aaron. “ Go Grovyle! Use Quick Attack to chase down Lillipup.” Yelled Aaron. Grovyle ran off after Lillipup.

    so that's chapter 1 of story 1. give me feedback. Or (In fat bastard voice) I'll Eat Your Baby!

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