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Julia - Vendor's Infirmary

Julia nodded her head quietly at the comment about pokemon not being able to speak. Pokemon really weren't sufficient social interaction, at least for most people. How could one suffice without the ability to ever have a simple conversation? It was beyond her anyway. She had decided to man up in coming here and leaving her friends behind though. She really hadn't expected to make friends here. ...New friends, perhaps? No. She couldn't replace her old friends. The very thought offended her. It was against the very reason she was there. Julia met Kiba's comment about nobody carrying for his background with a silent stare, her expression unsure. Was he trying to get her to as? She couldn't tell, but it was rather early for life stories. She would allow him to press if he honestly wanted to jump into that. She also questioned whether Kiba was actually as concerned with cleansliness as he claimed. He seemed so okay with what he was asking her to do. She supposed perhaps he was only concerned when it was him getting dirty. Or maybe he was just trying to make her feel better.

"Yeah, I just don't want to be...sticky."

When she said the word sticky her tone became somewhat deadpan for a moment. Meanwhile she thought about Kiba's offers of friendship, accepting the wet rag when offered to wipe off the juices. It was then that Kiba made the comment about how it would've been nice to have a girl in the group, quickly apoligizing. What he obviously didn't expect was for Julia to merely stop for a mere moment before... smiling. His comment had amused rather than offended. Had he apologized for acknowledging the fact that she was a girl? She didn't wear a short skirt to be ironic! She was by no means some sort of feminazi type. Regardless, Julia felt she was starting to understand Kiba more. She was beginning to form expectations now. Meeting his eyes any ice she had had between them seemed to melt. When Julia next spoke a bit of enthusiasm could be heard in her voice.

"You don't need to apologize. I get you. Besides, I'd be kind of put off if you /didn't/ notice!.. or pretended not to..."

She paused briefly.

"I guess I wouldn't mind some company... but what about the prize? Only one of us can win it."

The prize meant the world to her, though she hadn't revealed the exact reasons beyond a vague statement of wanting eternal friendship. When one thought about it, what did that even mean?

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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