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    Originally Posted by institutions View Post
    Will you allow me to hijack your thread once more with my questions? D:
    There are some things I still don't understand.
    When I click Generate in rng reporter, looking for wild pokemon, it'll come up with results just fine and tell me the seed and time/date stuff. Then I do the pidrng stuff to make sure it's shiny and whatnot.
    Then the guide tells me to save in the area of the Pokemon, but how exactly do I know where/what that Pokemon is?

    Also, I have no idea how i'm supposed to read the Encounter Slot chart D:
    What are the numbers at the top, and what are the numbers next to the Pokemons names?

    And when it tells me to catch that first Pokemon, check it's IVs and stuff to see how many chatter advancements I need to do, how do I know if it's right? It says it'll be in the first 10 from my starting frame, so do I just make sure the IVs are close to the Pokemon i'm looking for, and then choose the item in the list with the same nature?
    It's not hijacking when one of the purposes of this thread is to help people with abusing the RNG. You either save in front of a Stationary Pokemon (make sure you have Type: Stationary chosen in time finder), or in the grass where the wild Pokemon that you want to encounter is (Type: Wild). The encounter slot chart is pretty simple once you understand it, but at first yes it can be quite menacing. The numbers from the top 0 to 11 notate each encounter slot. Every Pokemon in that column is in that encounter slot. The numbers beside the Pokemon's name are the level for that Pokemon in its encounter slot. They are broken up in rows by location.

    With capture RNG, if you hit your seed, your IVs will always be the same, so you would just match the nature/characteristic/ability/gender to the chart.

    I hope this helps