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    Originally Posted by purple_gorrila View Post
    What evolves trade item pokemon, such as slowbro, onix and scizor?
    Also where can I find the move strength, I have no idea where to look!
    All evolve with either random evolution stones, or by level.
    Originally Posted by Volcanix769 View Post
    I know I asked this before but do they sell any stones anywhere in this hack, becuase I really need a Water Stone for my Lombre. And I'm confused what to do next. I just kicked the Zapdos away, I went back to Therus City and that I went to the alternative way back to Smalas town and went all the way back. What do I do next?

    You should have gotten it in Alora Town, in the house where that girl who talks jitterish has it.
    Largas mart sells the stones. If you reported back to Giovanni after kicking Zapdos then you should go meet the girl rocket in Elemis.
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