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    Episode 1: The Silver Singer

    Meanwhile, on a forest path not far from Avenitia Lodge...

    "Come on, Kawa!" a brown haired girl smiled as she dashed down the path. She would look back every so often to be sure that round blue mouse creature stayed behind her.

    When she saw her Marill companion was more interested in a red flower than following her, she sighed. "We can pick flowers later, Kawa, we have to get to Fayenza tonight. We don't want Lord Clay to be mad because we missed his birthday celebration..."

    "But we've been walking since dawn, Lyra." the Marill complained as he admired the many flowers lining the path. "Can't we stop and rest?"

    The girl stopped in her tracks. "Oh, all right, I suppose we can stop and rest for a while." With that, she closed her eyes and sang <i>Anima, fynuchs mer sphimma el ien yararnes nola.</i>, making a circle of blue light and holy runes surround the place where the minstrel and her Marill rested.

    "No matter how many times you do that, Lyra, it amazes me." the Marill mused as it ran to look at some of the runes inside the magic circle.

    "Well, back in Kanzu, Anima came to me in a dream." Lyra explained as she opened her bag and took out a leather case. "She told me that She enjoyed my songs and my stories so much, She was going to grant me the ability to sing in the language of the gods. In return, I promised I would not use it to harm an innocent without a very good reason, and I would not use it for any selfish gains."

    "What else did She tell you?" Kawa was interested now.

    "She also told me that She had a very special plan for me, something I've been thinking about ever since." Lyra paused to open the leather case and carefully take out the bow shaped silver harp with flower carvings and jewels set in its ivy inlays.

    "What do you think Anima's plan for you is?" Kawa wondered as he listened to the plings and plungs of the harp being tuned.

    "I'm not sure--I'm sure I'll find out soon enough." Lyra assured Kawa. With that, she began playing a relaxed melody that echoed off the tree trunks.

    A rustle in the bushes startled Kawa, but he smiled when he saw a pair of Pikachus watching and listening. "Come on, it's safe here." The Pikachus nodded and guided their Pichus to a rock on the path by Lyra's feet.

    More Pokemon began arriving to see who was playing the song--a Ninetales and her Vulpixes, a pair of Deerlings, Parchirisus, Bunearies, Taillows, Starlies, Pidoves, Pidgeys, Squirtles, Beautiflies--Kawa lost count of just how many Pokemon were present by the time the last chord of Lyra's song faded away.

    Lyra gasped when she saw the crowd of Pokemon at her feet. "Oh! I didn't expect to attract an audience..." she giggled as she petted a Pichu. "Let's see here...once a minstrel was on his way to town, and kept hearing rumors of a giant that had kidnapped the princess of the land..."

    An hour or so later...

    "...and so, the minstrel and the princess were married, and the townsfolk never forgot the minstrel that had used his wits to defeat the giant." Lyra concluded over a final triumphant chord.

    Some applause got Lyra's attention as the Pokemon romped away into the forest. "Well told, Lady Minstrel."

    Kawa looked up and saw a brown haired girl in elegant silver and gold armor applauding.
    "Why, thank you, guardswoman. We were merely on our way to Fayenza, and then from there to Sefiro." he stammered. At the same time, he was interested in the blue and green trim complimenting the silver and gold plate.

    "All right, I won't keep you." the warrior smiled as she dug a gold piece from a bag at her side. "But at the very least, accept this as token of appreciation."

    Lyra gasped at the coin the warrior offered her--she had never earned a piece of gold before. "Th-thank you, guardswoman. I will leave you to your patrol, and I will be on my way." she stammered as she put her harp away.

    "Oh no, I am not on patrol, Lady Minstrel." the warrior assured Lyra. "I'm going to see a friend of mine in Sefiro. Maybe we'll see you there, and he can hear of your skill!"

    Lyra smiled. "I'm glad you liked the tale." she replied as she motioned for Kawa to follow her. "Anima be with you on your travels!"

    "And to you likewise!" The warrior waved goodbye as Lyra and Kawa disappeared down the road.

    To Be Continued...
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