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    I also fell bad for Porygon, I mean, Porygon can be a very strong Pokemon if raised properly and if you teach it the right moves, but people don't seem to realize it, nowadays, it's all about appearance and the Attack Stat, Cool looking Pokemon and Strong Pokemon are the ones we think are the best, but sometimes they aren't...

    And it looks like some piece of Origami with eyes and a weird cry, and that doesn't even help...

    And you're not a bad person, let's face it, Mew, Mewtwo, what's next? Obvously Mewthree and so on, I believe that, the day those behind the Pokemon Series run out of ideas for more Pokemon, they will introduce a new Gen with tons and tons of
    Mew[insert long number here]s

    Imma gonna buy a grammar book to see where I misswrote stuff, since I can't realize where I need to improve yet. Once Im done with that, I'll rewrite Safe & Sound so that it can be easier to understand, then, if I succed, and if it has a good acceptance, I will proceed with the Next Chapter.

    And one more thing, when I wrote this I didn't realized it, but, "I remember tears streaming down his face." sounds almost like "I remember tears streaming down your face" from Taylor Swift's song named "Safe & Sound", I think I'll change that part of the chapter and the chapters title, too.

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