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    Episode 2: Blair's Quest

    In the Dark Realm...

    A pale haired man looked out at the throngs of demons, werecreatures, zombies, and other creatures of the dark gathered before the outcropping of rock. At last...the day is finally here! he smiled as a gust of wind ruffled the tails of his elegant red suit. With a fox beast of our own, we can destroy the Mortal Realm, lay siege to the heavens, and Lord Kione will reclaim the love taken from him! A sneer formed on his face. The gods won't know what hit them when our beast defeats theirs!

    He turned to address the crowd of monsters. "Subjects of the Dark Realm, a glorious day has come!" he began. "The gods have long boasted of their guardian beasts, particularly the white firefox Reshiram!" Boos and howls went up from the crowd. "But now we can claim something of Reshiram's equal!" Cheers went up as the man traced a magic circle in the earth near where he was standing. "Behold! The black fox-beast of thunder, Zekurom!" His magic circle complete, the man touched an cross-like staff with a skull in its center to the circle's center, making a bright blue light and thunderbolts race around the room. Many in the crowd shielded their eyes, and some monsters rushed to cover others that were sensitive to light, but those that were brave enough to watch gasped in awe as a black fox-like dragon rose from the circle.

    "Amazing, Lord Ansar!" a goblin commented at the large beast the man had summoned.

    "The mortals won't stand a chance against this brute!" an orge agreed.

    "But what if the gods hear of Zekurom?" a Zubat asked. "They would try to call Reshiram!"

    "Worry not." Ansar assured the tiny blue bat. "As I said before, Zekurom is Reshiram's equal, and would easily take her down in a fight."

    A second Zubat landed at Ansar's feet and reformed into a pale pink haired girl clad in a red, gold, and purple gown-like armor. "Vould you like me to scout out a suitable place for us to show the mortals Zekurom's power?"

    Ansar smiled, pleased at the vampire's offer. "Certainly, Thana--choose a place the mortals would not expect to be attacked."

    "Very vell--I vill return in three days." With that, Thana returned to her Zubat form and fluttered off into the caverns of the underworld....

    At Avenitia Lodge....

    "WHAT???" Blair gasped. "The demon lord has created a Pokemon that is Reshiram's equal?"

    "Calm yourself, Blair." an older man with black hair assured the blue robed boy and his Snivy. "We don't know if this demonic prescence is, in fact, a Pokemon. If it is, it would be a Pokemon not seen in the mortal realm before."

    "So what can we do?" Tane swallowed hard at the somber news.

    "The one thing that has saved Yoso against demonic creatures before." the archmage replied. "Awaken Reshiram from the shrine at Kuroshiro Temple."

    "Kuroshiro?" Blair asked. "But that's many miles away from here!"

    "It will be a perilous journey to be sure." the archmage acknowledged as he adjusted the tiny circlet on Tane's head. "But with your warrior friend and Tane, I have confidence you will make it there."

    "How would Whitlea be able to help?" Tane wondered--if they were going up against a Pokemon none of them had seen before, who was she to find out that neither sword nor spell could harm it? Or worse, the Pokemon was stronger then even her simple spells and gift of speech that the Archmage's Circlet she wore gave her?

    "She knows this land well, and likely knows the way to Kuroshiro." the archmage continued as a breeze ruffled his majestic blue and purple robes. He handed a letter to Blair. "I have here a letter from her--she will meet you in Sefiro tomorrow night, where you can plan your journey."

    Blair turned to leave. "I won't let you down, and I will see to it this demon Pokemon meets Reshiram's fury!"

    That night...

    "Blair? What are you doing up?" Tane asked as she watched her master rush about packing food and camping supplies.

    "Sefiro is a day's journey from here, and if we're going on a long journey, I want to be prepared." Blair explained. "What I don't understand is how we're going to wake Reshiram..."

    "Remember the minstrel's song?" Tane suggested. "Across the entire world they'll scour for eight magic crystals of power."

    "There's an idea..." Blair mused as he set his bow and a quiver of arrows by the door. "Although where these crystals are is anyone's guess."

    "Wouldn't it be fun to have a minstrel on our journey?" Tane sighed dreamily. "Inspiring songs and stories of legend; and hopefully magic power in their melodies!"

    "Say...I heard a rumor that some minstrels that sing magic can do so in the holy tongue, a talent usually seen in clerics." Blair interrupted. "Although where we would find one, I don't know..."

    "We'll find out in the morning. Tane replied before yawning. "Let's get to sleep--we have a long journey tomorrow."

    With that, Blair climbed into bed himself, blissfully unaware of the Zubat that fluttered by his window...

    To Be Continued...
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