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    Originally Posted by 0shawott View Post
    One thing I've noticed is that everyone except Nurse Joy say 'Pokemon', as opposed to 'POKéMON' or 'Pokémon'. I don't know whether this was intentional, but it seems to be consistent, which is ok.
    One of the people in the forest says 'I'm busying studying these Bug Pokemon hard', which sounds a little strange:
    Also, the boy on the bridge says that 'Fire moves are weak against Water types', which makes sense, but wouldn't it make more sense if it were 'Fire types are weak against Water moves'?
    Again, pretty minor, but I thought I'd point it out.
    Both sailors at Three Island Port have their lines cut off:
    The sign on Two Island gives out unlimited Revives, I don't know whether this was intentional?
    I feel so annoying for nit picking... The Pokemon/Pokémon one doesn't matter as long as it's consistent, and the Fire/Water one doesn't really matter since it still makes sense.

    EDIT: Any idea why this happens when I open the .sav in Encyclopedia? (see attachment) I want to find my Pokémon's IVs, but Encyclopedia hasn't been working great for me lately. Does anyone have any other Gen III save editor? /offtopic
    The Pokemon/POKEMON thing is something I'll leave how it is. Everyone Sade from nurse my will say Pokemon throughout the game. I just can't edit her script to be the same.

    That Tuber kid... It did originally say Water moves are strong against fire types but I changed t for some reason... Haha. I'll give that a look over later.

    The Two Island sign certainly wasn't intentional, that's definitely being changed and again thanks for pointing that out!

    The sailors at the port. I noticed that bt accidently deleted their original script and forgot to re do it, I'll get that sorted for Beta 0.2 also once I figure which flags I need etc.

    Don't feel annoying, this is good stuff that I failed to notice! Any improvement is good ;D
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