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Club Maintenance
Having to maintain your club is the responsibility gained for creating it. If your club is approved, it is your responsibility to uphold the club in a two prime ways.
  • Updating the member list to include forum members who actively contribute to the thread and have a sense of purpose and enjoyment among the club. Be sure to only include those who are genuinely interested in actively contributing to the club. Everyone has the ability to post in any group they choose, whether they are a member of that group or not, so you may get someone come in who may seem like they’re interested in joining, yet only posts once or twice.
  • While you don’t have to be the club owner to introduce new topics, contributing to the club is of the upmost importance. As the club owner, it’s important to remember that you set an unseen and unconscious standard of activity level. Nobody is going to want to join a club where the owner doesn’t show up every now and then and converse with the rest.

  • The double post still applies in Pokemon Clubs, expect in certain circumstances. If a club has been inactive for more than a week, the club's owner (and/or co-owner) may break the double post rule in order to revive the club.
  • If you at one point are not interested in maintaining your club(s) anymore, or if you simply don't have the time for it, you can, as an alternative from getting your club closed, get a transfer of ownership. All you need to do, is to find a fitting candidate, most likely one of the more active members of your club, or a person who would be responsible enough to take care of the club, and ask them if they are willing to become the new owners. Once you've found a suitable new owner, you have to contact the current moderator (Olli97), and tell us that you want a transfer of ownership for your club, give us the username of the member so we can verify this, and optionally give us an explanation to why you don't want to maintain the club anymore.
If you aren’t interested in participating and contributing to the club as well as updating the information and member list of the club, do not create a club.