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Homika looks like a rockstar, a hardcore at that. Definitely a new style to a gym leader. Have we had a Poison Gym since the father/daughter leaders? Koga/Janine? I don't think so, she is the first new taste of the Poison league! I tried expanding the photo a bit, it looks like she only has 2 Pokemon, so I say she will be one of the first two gym leaders (The way they showed her and the other guy, it's kind of obvious, I think). I will have to examine her a bit more, read what she says and learn her personality to fully say I like or dislike her, but she looks cool judging by the photo.

Black and White 2 will not only have Generation 5 in the wild mainly, but will be a mixed across all 5 generations right? I believe she may have only Generation 5, but the trainers within her gyms, may be mixed from the first 4 generations. Just my third degree.