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Chapter 3.

Cheryl woke up. She went outside of the random man's house, who was sleeping on the floor. she walked outside and saw a Charmander! I'd better use my pokedex on it. Charmander: The lizard pokemon Charmander is an awesome pokemon. "Wait... thats all you have?" Cheryl said Okay, ill do it better... Charmander: The lizard pokemon, if the flame on it's tail goes out, it will slowly die " Much better " Cheryl said " Go Mimun! "

Charmander VS. Mimun!
Charmander used Ember!
Mimun took 17 damage!
Mimun 27/44 HP
Mimun used thunderbolt
Charmander took 30 dammage
Charmander ??/??
Cheryl used pokeball!
"One.... Two.... Three......." The pokemon was caught!

"Yay!" Said Cheryl "I just caught a Charmander!"

To be continued.....
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