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Sooo.. I made a poke for the challenge @[email protected]

Munchlax (NN Grubas)♂
Thick Fat

Well, there is nothing that awesome about this, it's my first RNG after a really biiiiiig break and I'm still lazy :cer_shifty:
The true story about this poke:
- Hmmm..Heavy Slam, so it has to be heavy and learn Heavy Slam
*opens pokedex*
- Snorlax? May be Snorlax..
- But nah, he is to mainstream, so will be Munchlax.

The natures were chosen like "Hmmm... maybe I will use this someday.. or not" and..

yea, I'm lazy and not as awesome as you guys ._."

Edit: I forgot, about the NN, Grubas means Fatty in polish >.>

None at the moment, but Mac rules, just saying.