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Partner: Bachuuru / Joltik (If this isn't small ...)
Likes about Small Pokémon: Most of them are cute, and some, well, show that size doesn't equal power

I support Olli's recommendation, and here's a small something
Partner (A small pokemon of your choice, while there isn't a size limitation, have some good sense, because, for example, Hydreigon will never be small)
What you like about small Pokemon?: (Why you like them?)
Recommendations: (Do you have any recommendations?) (Optional)
Annnd, to get this started, let me get a topic
In your opinion, what's the cutest small pokemon?

Annnnnd, since the owner's apparently inactive, I can "take over" the club if you want
Magmortar ~ Electivire
Ultimate Duo Species (B/S/R/D/W)