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I choose to answer this one instead ^^

Originally Posted by AWsquared View Post
Although we already have Dark-type specialists, none of them are Gym Leaders. Why do you think a Dark-type Gym Leader doesn't exist yet and do you think there's gonna be one in Gen VI?
I've always found this to be a very interesting point. I have no idea why they've never had a Dark type gym leader, and I really think they're really overdue for one. It's the only type that has never had a gym dedicated (despite having more than one Elite Four member using it), but I see no reason for this. A Dark type gym could easily be made for the start of the game (things like Poochyena, Purrlion, Sableye) or could fit nicely into a later on gym (Pokemon such as Weavile, Spiritomb, Scrafty) so there's no real reason not to have one imo. I certainly hope there will be one in Gen VI! Or even later in Gen V; we don't know the full details for B2W2 yet :3