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    Pokemon Odyssey 2 SU

    Side: Gold Tribe (ish)

    Name: Noctus Gamble

    Gender: Male

    Age: (16+) 19

    Title: Umbra (Shade in latin)

    Pokemon Species: Cacturne

    Appearance: Noctus Gamble looks like an ordinary Cacturne. body and torso...triangular headpiece that resembles a hat...he does have something more, though. After spending years in the Thieves Forest, he realized that more defenses would be needed in order to survive. Working together with some outcasts, Noctus succeeded in making metal armor plates just his size. The entire armor suit would only drag him down, however, so he decided to use only the arm+elbow armor and the leg armor midway to his knees. For more damage, he had also created sharp, metal coatings for the spikes around his body, adding an extra sting to his attacks. With the sharp coating on the spikes, they now look silverish gray instead of green.

    History: Noctus Gamble’s bloodline is a rather extraordinary one. Around a hundred years ago, the most recognizable character that could represent the ‘family tree’ once ruled with an iron claw, using his own army to fight against the Alpha Alliance. His name was Galleon Gamble, the Emperor of the fallen Order of the Neoverse. Galleon, a mighty Garchomp, succeeded in striking fear into everyone’s hearts...and almost succeeded in taking over the entire region of Valkaria.

    However, the Gold Tribe’s existence had long prevented him from reaching his ultimate goal, and Galleon was only a tiny step away from victory when the Alliance charged in with a counter-attack. In a large, final battle, Galleon the Emperor fought against the Gold Tribe heroes, mainly Kent (‘Kaiser’) Reed and a few more. An Empoleon named Neptune had long been the defender of his village - Poseida, but unfortunately died in the fight in attempt to save his teammate.

    Galleon, no matter how strong he was, couldn’t avoid the demise which Fate had prepared for him. Losing the final battle signified the Order’s defeat, and the Alpha Alliance thrived once again.

    You’ve heard that story already, but nobody knew about Galleon’s private life. A female Garchomp, pregnant with a baby in her abdomen, had escaped the final battle and her mate just minutes before it erupted. Hiding in the forest nicknamed the Thieves Forest, she gave birth to a male Gible named Gideon. Gideon, later a fully grown Garchomp, lived in the Forest as an outcast, hunting down nearby weaklings and living on by cunning lies and deceits. Everything changed when Gideon fell in love with a female Cacturne (at a pretty old age too). Nothing could stop them from getting together, and Gideon ignored how he should had looked for someone his own kind, turning away from the traditional bloodline of Garchomps.

    It only took a short while for Noctus’ egg to crack. As a little Cacnea, he found it rather strange to have a dragon type father, but accepted the truth and lived on with no complaint. Gideon often told Noctus what Gideon’s mother had told him, about how his father Galleon tried to create a ‘better world’, a greater place to live in for citizens to prosper under the hands of the Emperor. Gideon also explained about the Gold Tribe and how they finally brought the world together after defeating the Order. When the Garchomp talked about the Tribe defeating his father in battle, Noctus could see his fists clenched together, but he didn’t know why at that time. They were all like fairytales to the Cacnea, but he always kept it in mind, hoping that one day he would follow his grandfather’s footsteps to be a leader.

    Noctus evolved into a Cacturne right on his seventeenth birthday. But on the very same day, the Cacturne learned that his parents had been murdered in a battle against a new group of Pokemon, something called Silver Tribe. The Tribe, still new to the world, had only started to expand a few days ago. He also learned that this new Tribe was planning to take over the area after a year or two, including the Thieves Forest. Furious, Noctus rushed to the borders of the woods and spotted a small patrol of the mysterious tribe. Rage took over his mind, and the Cacturne engaged against the few Tribe members, resulting in a humiliating defeat. But the defeat only made him even more desperate for revenge. Noctus wanted to help the Gold Tribe despite the fact that they had killed Galleon a long time ago, but most of all, he wanted to avenge his parents.

    Two years had passed, and Noctus continued his lonely life by hunting Pokemon with bounty on their heads. Noctus’ lust for revenge hadn’t gone weaker over the years though. If only there’s a chance for him to do it...

    Personality: Noctus, ironically, doesn’t have a heart of pure evil like his grandfather did (even Gideon had a sneaky, cunning mind). However, he’s kept the Garchomp’s wits (most of them) and courage, willing to leap into battle just for the heck of it. Noctus can be rather headstrong at times but that isn’t his primary trait. Despite that, he often thinks about himself above others, trying to satisfy his own needs before even thinking about others. Things are the other way around when it comes to avenging his parents though. Noctus’ parents’ deaths were strong enough to push the Cacturne’s greed aside. Now he wants justice to prevail, to seek help from the Gold Tribe in order to destroy the Tribe that had eliminated his parents without a second thought.

    Noctus has some fears hidden deep inside him, but he doesn’t show it. He’s normally quite fearless and headstrong, thinking quickly and taking enemies down with his smart attacks. He uses persuasion once in awhile but talking isn’t his forte; fighting has always been a better option. Faster too.

    It isn’t easy being totally honest in a forest full of thieves. Lying is something inevitable, but there IS some respect and dignity in his heart. Perhaps the skies want the Galleon bloodline to be recognized as a good, noble one instead of a family of destruction. This can be a new start...

    But who says talking to the Gold Tribe would be easy?

    Moveset: Needle Arm, Faint Attack, Absorb, Pin Missile, Focus Blast, Poison Jab

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