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Originally Posted by Olli97 View Post

Which of Ash's main rivals were potentially the weakest?

By main rivals, I'm referring to Gary, Ritchie, Paul and Trip, though since Trip still hasn't gotten his end team yet, he can be replaced by Barry.

Out of the lot I think I'd have to say Paul actually. Despite having a really powerful team, he lacked confidence in his Pokémon, as opposed to the confidence he had in his own skill. Even though that was changed later on, he appeared to look down on pretty much everyone else, except for the more respectable trainers and his brother, which kind of opposed him of change, which was bad, considering the strategies he got from Ash did help him in a few battles.
I agree with what you said about Paul, he was my first thought too, but fact is he was getting MUCH stronger and much better at working with his Pokemon as the series progressed. And his Pokemon certainly didn't seem to dislike him in any way (bar Chimchar). I would very much like to see if he's still taking the attitude of replacing weaker Pokemon with stronger ones though, if so they I don't think he'll ever be as strong as he wants. I think the weakest rival either has to be Barry or Trip. Trip has a lot of potential, but he's the only rival to have done pretty badly against Ash's team (in their third battle) - it seems like he's getting stronger at a much slower rate than Ash etc. And Barry... Well, Barry was just never that strong to begin with haha. I think he chose an awkward team to work with and he doesn't really have what it takes to be a great Pokemon trainer.