Thread: [Gen V] rate and comment on my team
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    if your looking for items/moves to use in the battle sub i can give you a few suggestions.

    dont try to set up infernape, if you have it, give infernape a choice band to hit hard and fast with mach punch.

    with scizor give it an iron plate to boost bullet punch to +20%.

    dont set up with lucario because its defences are too frail. give it extremspeed for priority or psyhic for coverage. as for items, wise glasses will do.

    garchomp has focus sash to set up so ill let other people give you those tips.

    for aerodactyl switch stone edge with rock slide for more accuracy.

    jolteon is the same as lucario, except worse. also, why pin missile with a modest nature. try a move like shadow ball for coverage. the item is good though.
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