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There might be a change. I'm thinking to insert 2 custom rivals, replacing Bianca and Cheren, but I don't know atm. :)
Rayquaza will have a special event, though! The Pokémon Bolt Black - Zekrom Edition will have many of the same features, but there will probably be different ways to capture legendaries, and maybe Zekrom in Giant Chasm! :D And Kyurem being somewhere in N's Castle! Btw this will be in Flare White, but you can catch Reshiram in Giant Chasm. If you look in the Toolbox, there is a map editor for D/P/PT/HG/SS/B/W in progress! Whenever that is finished, i'll add even more special events like I said before for Kyurem! And whenever English B/W 2 comes out, i'll see if I can make a sequel to this game! Look forward to the next beta! :D
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