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    This is what happens when your RP isn't authorised until a week after it's posted. C'mon! Let's get this thing rolling!

    Name: Axis

    Allegiance: Survivor

    Gender: Technically genderless, but for everyone’s convenience, refers to itself as male.

    Age: 17

    Species: Porygon-Z

    Appearance: Axis is an ordinary Porygon-Z in appearance.

    Personality: Before evolution, Axis was a relatively mundane example of his species. He followed his programming, and therefore his orders, to the letter. He did so in a polite, calm manner, rarely if ever displaying emotions. He was an oft-cited example of Silph Co’s success in digitally distributing his kind. Personality in a Porygon wasn’t a sign of success; it was a critical bug to be corrected.

    But when Team Plasma took over, he was stolen away. Evolution was forced upon him – twice. And while a Porygon2 would develop ordinarily if raised at a steady rate, the abrupt change into the already-bugged Porygon-Z changed the way he saw life forever.

    He is still polite, well-spoken and calm… but definitely not emotionless.

    Now cruel, twisted, manipulative and sadistic, he sees himself as a force that aligns with no-one and revels in chaos. He will not hesitate to strike if the opportunity arises, so long as said opportunity does not endanger himself. He exists, in his own twisted little world, simply to cause as much damage as he can to as many things as he can before he is taken out… like a supernova.

    History: Axis was a fairly standard Porygon unit for most of his life. He was owned by an accountant that lived in Castelia City, who saw him as little more than an autonomous calculator. True, Porygon are little more than autonomous calculators, but that’s beside the point. His master did see the potential in artificial intelligence, but could never actually afford an Upgrade to evolve him. They lived a simple life, and nothing much happened - until Team Plasma came.

    It was back when they had just secured Unova, and needed more recruits for an adequate peacekeeping force. They offered Axis’s master a place amongst their force, but when he declined, they stormed the house. Everything valuable was taken – including Axis.

    Team Plasma saw the benefits of taking what was essentially the world’s most violent computer program, and they took them. Axis was forced to evolve twice, an event which stripped him of his sanity. There he waits, obeying missions, following orders… looking for openings.

    Moveset: Tri-attack, Dark Pulse, Psychic and Nasty Plot

    RP Sample: None for now. Keep in mind, though, that I did write the plot.

    Notes: yrotS evaC.
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