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    Originally Posted by DarkRisingGirl View Post
    You're absouletly right. I'm probably going off my previous experience with my old hack which had alot of negative comments and strong critism. So I understand how it feels for ppl to point out what they consider a "problem" with your hack, when you think it looks cool. But it was those comments that made me start over and redo the hack. Now that I did, it looks and plays better much better than my old one. So I guess it does take ppl to point out all of the problems for you to improve your work. However, it just sucks when You personally like what you inserted into your hack, when others who will play it, don't. Alot of people on here try to make the most "Perfect", "Greatest quality" hack ever. Maybe hinkage Likes the tiles he inserted and doesn't see them as a problem. Say if he decides to keep them...If so, You won't play the hack when it's finished? lol
    If he does like them and decides to not change anything, I won't hold anything against him. I'm just giving him my opinion and it's his choice whether or not to take it into concern. I'll still most likely play the hack. I just wont enjoy it as much as I would with the fixes we are proposing.

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