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    Can I reserve for a Kyuubi?

    Edit: Done

    Name: Mayu Kumi Hinisaki
    Nickname: none
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Youkai: Kyuubi

    (This is her outfit outside the uniform, and I know the pic has nine tails, in the dollmaker that was my only option in reality Mayu has 4 tails also not shown in the pic, when she's outside she wears black mary janes, when inside she wears the slippers)

    Personality: Mayu is a very sweet and cute young girl but she can also be mischievous. Mayu is always friendly to others even if they don't seem that friendly to her. Mayu loves to play pranks as well and can be mischievous about it but she still makes sure nothing she does could seriously injure someone. Mayu believes strongly in tradition and will try her best to follow her families customs. She is very athletic but would rather be a cheerleader than be on a field playing a sport. She loves to dance and sing in her spare time and hopes to make friends once she starts the Youkai Academy. Mayu has some habits though that some people might find annoying. She says kawaii a lot if she sees something cute or she's extremely happy. Mayu also uses a few Japanese honorifics such as adding Chan to the end of the names of her female friends and Kun to the end of her male friends names.

    History: Mayu has been alone since she was 7 years old. Her family followed many customs that had been passed down for generations. The main one being that once a young Kyuubi had more than one tail they where on their own in life. As she grew up her parents and grandparents taught her how to take care of herself teaching her to cook, sew and other things needed for survival. At the first sign of her second tail they explained to her the tradition and Mayu agreed. Having been brought up heavily on tradition she knew her family was doing this for her own good. On her seventh birthday her second tail grew in and she was sent on her way. After several days of wandering and hunting for food Mayu found a cave outside the city and made it her den. Over the years she would go into town in her human form for short periods of time to get things she needed and after time her den became a warm and comfortable place for her. Now that's she's 14 she's due to start the youkai academy like her parents, grandparents, and ancestors before her.

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