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    Reserve me for a Snow boy. Could you tell me what the snow boy is based off. It seems familiar...

    Edit: Done

    Name (first, middle, last): Hitoshi Nao Suzuki
    Nickname: Absolute Zero
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Youkai: Snowboy

    As a human, looks as he is, except Red uniform for the school. If in 'comfortable' clothing, Baggy blue jeans and a black, thin longsleeve shirt. His clothing doesn't change, but when he sheds his human look, his eyes turn an icy blue and his hair turns white.

    Personality: Hitoshi is a quiet bookworm, spending some of his time reading. He is nervious around big groups, and tends to avoid them. He is friendly though(if a little cold), and will try to make friends with whoever he finds interesting. Don't come to him if you expect any emotion though to anything, as his face is plastered with a blank stare 98% of the time. It would practically take a crisis to change his expression, or an uncommonly good mood/day. He will try to think of the most logical answer to any question asked to him.

    Hitoshi is lonely, and one of the few goals is to make a few good friends to talk to. However, he has trouble starting conversation, and even more trouble attracting attention. He is very book smart, though he is oblivious to just about everything at this time. It is very hard to get him mad, maybe even takeing a week of near constant moderate bullying before he starts even thinking about it. It is not that he doesn't have emotion, but he is naturally calm, and hates being mad, as he believes it is a waste of energy. He tries to stay neutral, as he hates to fight.

    On another note, he loves sweet food and candy, sometimes sucking on a hard candy(root beer flavored hard candy are his favorite) along with his lolipop that keeps him cool.

    History: Hitoshi grew up in the far north with his family, aware of what he was, but rarely seen anyone other than his mother and father, both snow people. He lived a lonely existance, as one, or even both his parents would go off to buy food or work, since even in the age of science, people would chase them off if they found out they were Youkai, and he was too young to control his powers. Since he could find no human friends, he tried makeing 'friends' with the animals, though they ussually froze to death if they didn't run away. Soon, no animal would go near him, and once again, he was alone. He took to reading books for entertainment, and tried to learn as much as he could about humans and the world from the cold comfort of home. As he grew older, he was better able to control his powers, and could even adopt a human form. He was sent to the Youkai Acadamy to learn to socialize, and to learn to live as a human in this fast warming Human world.

    Dorm: B
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