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Originally Posted by ToriSora View Post
Well its odd but not sure what I am. Like I would rather be with boys (relationships) but hang outwith more girls and feel more comfy with them then with boys. Plus I like cute stuff and don't like people referring to me as dude boy man etc. So not sure what I am but felt it would be good to join
Hey welcome! You have indeed been added to the list

I'm gay and I'm much the same. Physically and romantically attracted to boys only, but in general I am more comfortable around girls and about 90% of my friends are girls. It's quite common to see gay guys hang around more with girls than guys because often they have more in common with girls than with straight guys. I also have a huge issue with people calling me a 'man' (though boy and dude don't bother me) so based only on the information you've given, I diagnose you as gay

But I'm not a homo doctor, it is something you'll have to figure out yourself XD

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