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Kano Shuuya
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  • I'm just going to leave it that way, lol "my pair zen is gay" i'm s orry

    ahahah, blah.
    I'm going back to VMing the Jude Mathis account tomorrow, it's weird VMing the same person twice, on two accounts. Not like we don't do this all the time, it's just weird because it' two accounts on the same site at the same time.

    We should both head to bed and rest. You're still recovering. I'm managing.
    Rip, @ the Callīope account. I forgot why you even made that account... it was to "start over" or something, right?

    You probably could get the Kano name, if that account has zero posts... ...but logged in three years ago. Wow, that's unfair.

    Well, it's 3AM... so...

    is it?
    Really 3am.
    Goodnight, ily. <3
    Which account am I VMing tomorrow? Jude Mathis or Kano?

    ALso, when our names change, putting "My pair Zen is gay" IS GONNA BE AWKWARD BECAUSE ZEN IS STRAIGHT AS A RULER.
    good, you can't change this un
    i love your kano un

    update le profile lmao
    should I add you as a pair on this account too, i mean, i'm technically your pair on all of them anyway. xD I'm not going to post in the thread, though, I'll just put in my forum pair thing on my user profile Jude Mathis/Kano Shuuya.

    I'm not leaving, then.
    I'm going to go and edit my blog entry since I vent in my PC blog when I don't feel like being a bother to you...
    D ONT' DO IT

    As soon as I finish this blog entry, it's off to bed with me.

    Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary!
    It's summer, omg.... how is it possible to get a cough in the summer??

    rawr where is that honey
    I haven't played any of Gen 5 in my absence. So I'll start with White. And yeah, the plot is why I wanted to go back, I hear it's amazing. And I miss the sprites.

    As for life, it may have been rough for a while, but I have so much more experience, I feel about ten years older with all that I had to go through.
    I am nearly halfway through X for the first time. Looking to pick up White soon.

    I went through a very long rough patch myself, but I can finally say things have been resolved and I am truly happy with how things are coming and going. I said I would come back when things worked out, and I am. It's a very strange feeling, though.

    Keep going, it may be cliche but it does get better.
    I've finished three anime because of EGC withdrawl.


    Soon. T_T *Dies figuratively.*
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