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    How would you distinguish dating standards (not including hook-ups) of gay men and straight men (If at all)?
    I honestly didn't notice a large-scale difference between the two, but perhaps that's my chronic cluelessness at work.anyway, when I think about it closely, I seem to think that in same-sex relationships, the people involved usually have more in common with each other, unless it's a dominance relationship. Of course, this could obviously stem from the fact that the two people are not the opposite sex as opposed to dating standards, but nonetheless it's something *I think* I've noticed.
    As far as appearance, I agree with Rai--straight men want good looking partners too.

    Sorry, I don't really have a lot of situations to compare on this. (Most of my LGBT friends--myself included--are polysexual and actually in opposite-sex relationships right now. xD)
    Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
    We're glad you did join. Whoever you are you'd be welcome. And of course only you can really know who you are, but I can't help but see something a little trans in how you describe yourself, but that's probably because I'm trans myself. Shining Raichu sees something a little gay in the same thing and I bet someone else would see something else entirely lol.
    I'll have to side with Scarf on this one. I definitely heard something "trans" about what LoriSora said, but in the end it depends how you feel and what you think you are.
    That being said, if you have the means to make yourself without hurting others without knowing exactly what "term" fits you, then there's no need for a term at all. :3

    Originally Posted by Toujours View Post
    I see unicorns!

    It's just kind of unfortunate that people have to label themselves. Like I understand if someone feels like they want to self-label, so they understand themselves better if they fit into a category. But at some point, if someone isn't straight, they're going to be asked what sexuality they are and if they're not comfortable labeling I can just imagine that being really out of line. :( Idk do other people think knowing who you are almost always involves labeling so it doesn't matter? Or is that a legit problem?
    I know a few people who simply don't know what name they fit under so it's kind of uncomfortable for them to be asked their sexuality. I personally don't see the issue with labelling (a very leniently used word) in and of itself--the problem is people who think they need to fit others into strict categories and not allow any wiggle room at all.
    But terms aren't really that hard to come by, as you can see by looking at the list on the first post of this thread. I think the people who have real problems are the people who think they absolutely need terms or they'll never be happy. If someone asked me my sexuality and I didn't have such a quick answer ready, I would just simply say to them "I like lots of things". If they're not satisfied with the answer, that's just too bad. xD
    Originally Posted by ToriSora View Post
    Could I be a gay trans? I don't know if thats odd to say. But is that possible for someone?
    If you're trans, it wouldn't be gay to be attracted to men--it would be "straight" so to speak.
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