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    Originally Posted by mitchel1 View Post
    Thanks qaz, about the hammer thing, I would like to trouble shoot that with you.
    1) Did this happen after the package delevery at atlernion city?
    2) Does this also happen when you choose for the pickaxe?
    3) It doesn't show you've reached ... seconds?
    Thanks for reporting qaz! I'm sorry about your save file I hope you'll find a way out quickly without the timer (But I doubt that).
    1) No before. I did not exit the cave yet, its my first run though the Mt.
    2) ... I dont know I only tried the hammer.
    3) Nope doesn't show anything.
    I just hope I can re-find the pokemon I had again.*I'll see if I can use the warp cheat & warp home to save me time*.

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