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Team Freaking Rocket - Undisclosed Location
Meanwhile, in a secret location, a man with a slight taste for the color orange was having a very... /interesting/ conversation with his secretary. This man was Giovanni, and the secretary was named Matori. They were in private.

Giovanni: "...Is everything ready?"

Matori: "Yes sir."

Giovanni: "Good. I want a full briefing given on the trip over. I don't want anyone second-guessing themselves."

Matori: "Understood."

Matori moved to exit the room, however after a brief moment of silence Giovanni continued, prompting her to stop.

Giovanni: "...One /other/ thing. Get in contact with a pair of our Class A agents. I want them ready to move out if need be."


Not a great deal of time later, on a ship bound for none other than Oak Island, Matori's face appeared on the screen of a somewhat odd looking phone. The phone was located on a bed and propped up by a retractable stand. Around this bed were gathered a small group of children, innocent looking enough on their own. They wore a mixture of every dorm's jackets with no particular pattern, though the number that wore Suicune Dorm jackets were /somewhat/ greater than the rest.

Matori: "I presume we're in private..."

A chorus of affirmations quietly acknowledged the screen. The students had all taken... mildly extensive measures to make sure they'd be unheard for at least a short time.

Matori: "Good. You all know why you're here, but I've been asked to make sure. Your mission is to infiltrate the academy posing as legitimate students. You're all more than competent enough to handle anything these classes throw at you, but for your convenience we will have remote agents standing by to assist you in getting any tedious academic work out of the way. First and foremost you are to find out what the staff is up to. We want to know why the most powerful trainers in the entire world are all gathered in one place--to teach. Report your findings remotely. In addition, if this 'academy' is as effective as it advertises there may be... talent to be recruited there. All recruits are to be brought before Executive attention as soon as possible so that they can be evaluated. They will then assist you on your mission until further notice on probationary status. Operate with great caution however. If discovered by a student, use force and witt as necessary to prevent alerting the population, most especially the staff. I recommend saving your class B amnesiacs for... emergencies. All discoveries by staff should be considered emergencies, as well as any discovery where you are threatened with proof. If worst comes to worst and you are discovered without hope of mitigating the situation, maintain silence regarding our mision until we can arrange a recovery effort. You've all been provided with a set of neural scramblers that will prevent mind reading within about 12.2 meters. Beware of psychics however, as they may become suspicious of this. You're all equipped with digital overlay shades, access to plenty of remote funds for relevant purchases only, and each of you should've been given one pokemon of great strength to assist you in whatever you need.

...Do /not/ get caught. Understood?"

Another chorus of 'yes', 'understood', and other affirmations was heard. The boat was close to arriving, and an announcement was made over the ship's intercom. Matori dismissed the young rocket spies to do their job and they went on there way, deliberately splitting up. When they finally got off the boat, they split up again. Within hours they were all over the academy, an entire small group of children trained to pretend to be students. They had malicious intents though, and they weren't planning on leaving any time soon.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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