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    I'm done my SU for a team rocket Trainer! ;D and yes... I used names that look fimiliar to some...

    Name: Roxas Jaden Asakura

    Nickname: Roxas

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Dorm: Suicune Dorm


    Personality: Roxas is the kind of boy that wants to do his job perfectly, when he doesn't he can be kind of upset. Roxas comes over as a shy boy that tends to act cool, but when you get to know him you'll discover he's a very good friend and always tries to help his friends anyway he can. Roxas has a mysterious side but refuses to tell anyone about what he's hiding. Even though Roxas can be a good boy, he is actually bad since he works for team rocket. Roxas doesn't get attracted by girls much, the one's that interest him must really have something interesting and a kind side.

    History: Roxas came to the academy because he was sended by Matori of team rocket, his task is to get information about what is going on and eventually try to recruit new members for team rocket. He joined team rocket on age of 14 because he had no place to go 6 years after team rocket took over his town and his parents left him behind with his only friend, a Pikachu called Jaden. He trained to be a good trainer and got two new pokemon, a odd colored Umbreon called Luna, and a lucario called obilivio.

    When he was young he used to know a girl called Naminé, they were good friends and Roxas even felt in love with her. On the day that Roxas decided to confess to her he heard from her parents that she had died of an heartattack, it was already known that she had a sick heart. After hearing the bad news he ran to the forest and stayed there 2 days without food or anything to drink. A Lucario found him unconciouss and brought him back to the village where he got treated and got food and water. The Lucario found him reckless and told that the boy's Pikachu, Jaden. Later Roxas went back to the forest to look for him but fell into the water and almost drowned. Lucario decided to not leave his side so he can prevent him from doing anymore reckless things.

    After a year of Naminé's death Roxas still thought about her everyday, it was the night of the full moon. He decided to take a walk and took some stuff with him, including Naminé's picture to mourn her. That night when he had his eyes closed a pink girl Umbreon walked up to him and saw his sadness, she layd down next to him and remembered how HER love died several months ago, Roxas catched her and called her Luna, full moon.

    He joined team rocket at Age of 14 and on age of 15 he became a team A-member. Now's 16 and fakes his age in the academy for his mission, he won't talk about Naminé with anyone and he has an even bigger secret he won't reveal.


    Species: Pikachu
    Nickname: Jaden
    Personality: Jaden is a cheerful Pikachu and is mostly found on Roxas's shoulder, he likes interacting with other pokemon and has a good nose for interesting stuff.
    Lvl: 35
    *Quick attack
    *Electro ball

    Species: Umbreon (pink rings with a pink crown on her forehead)
    Nickname: Luna
    Personality: Luna is a sweet pokemon, she's very charming and likes to interact with others. She doesn't mean to be seductive though while most pokemon think that. Luna is very myserious about her lost love.
    Lvl: 33
    *Quick attack
    *Faint attack
    *Last resort

    Species: Lucario
    Nickname: Obilivio
    Personality: Obilivio is the quiet and cool type, he likes interacting, but doesn't do that too much, he uses telepathy to talk with Jaden, though, he used to know a girl that could understand him without telepathy.
    Lvl: 70
    *Force Palm
    *Aura Sphere
    *Metal Claw