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    I'm designing my first competitive battling teams, and well I think I'm off to a good start, I'd love to hear all possible suggestions to perfect my team.

    This originally started as a Sunny Day team, but I expanded it to more general purposes after some thought. As an added note, this team is still being planned. I haven't actually raised or even caught any of the Pokémon yet, meaning everything is more than capable of being changed.

    Polka (Ninetales)

    Solar Beam
    Sunny Day

    252 SpA 4 SpD 252 Spe

    More of this was lifted from Smogon than I'd like to admit. This is only one of two different leads, the next being Mienshao. I'd prefer to save Ninetales for a few turns, hopefully after taking out opposing Weather Leads and freeing up the air for me to dominate. I'm iffy on keeping Sunny Day for this reason, as I doubt that Ninetales will last long against Tyranitar, which I most fear. Politoed is another thorn in my side, but much less of a threat after I've put Sunny Day back up in a weather war. Solarbeam will also help with that.

    Jazz (Mienshao)

    Fake Out
    Hi Jump Kick
    Stone Edge

    4 HP 252 Att 252 Spe

    My other possibility for a lead. Mienshao exists to kick the lead out of play, and to clean up the leftovers of previous Pokémon. Combined with Swords Dance support from Leafeon, I also expect it to be the strong arm of my group.

    Serenade (Leafeon)

    Leaf Blade
    Swords Dance

    252 HP 128 Att 128 Def

    The main support of my team. Leafeon has everything I was looking for in a support option, but I'm not sure if it's best for the role. Access to Swords Dance, Grass Type, Wish, and Baton Pass... Alongside Samurott, she's supposed to elimate the Ground Type problem. I've invested nothing in her speed, because I expect to use her after Sunny Day is in place, as well as her being a naturally fast Pokémon to being with. I wanted to add to her survivability first and foremost, to keep her in play and helpful for as long as possible.

    Requiem (Chandelure)
    Flash Fire

    Shadow Ball
    Fire Blast
    Will o' Wisp
    Pain Split

    252 SpA 128 SpD 128 Spe

    He's here to kick tail and chew bubble gum, and he can't chew. With Sunny Day support, I expect to rip most competition to shreds. Unless it's a Blissey, Tyranitar, or anything that he can't beat up. For which I have counters like Mienshao and Zoroark and Leafeon and Samurott and anything that's not Ninetales. I'd rather add to survivability than speed, as usual, but I've split it even in this case.

    Swing (Zoroark)

    Night Burst
    Focus Blast

    4 HP 252 SpA 252 Spe

    This is another possible lead, meant to shut down most of the defensive trap laying leads, which I have no counters to. It's an unfortunate matter of guess basing and timing, but I'm confident in my understanding of what Pokémon do what. I'm certain I can adapt myself well enough. And also, mind games are fun. Especially in Pokémon, where it boils down to "I know you know that I know..."

    Waltz (Samurott)

    Shell Blade
    Aqua Jet

    252 Att 100 SpA 156 Spe

    Another case of EV splitting, but now free with a side of Mild sauce. There's no doubt about it, Samurott cannot be used effectively in Sunlight. But he's not meant to. It would be nice to have him pick up a Swords Dance from Leafeon, but it's not something I'm counting on. This is the Pokémon I'll need the most help with, by far.
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